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Quotes from Book Reviews of The Fred Opert Story

NZ Classic Driver Magazine

"The author has captured the sheer enthusiasm of a man who lived and breathed motorsport. The Fred Opert Story is an absolute must buy."

Classic & Sports Car Magazine (UK)

"Hugely entertaining stuff!"

Classic Cars Magazine (UK)

"... it tells a story of vital motorsport significance that's in danger of being lost to time.

As author Hill points out, little was known about his [Opert's] life and work until he started researching this book. Given the jail-to-podium story that results, we're glad he did." 


"This compact but thorough biography tells the story of racing driver, car dealer and team owner Fred Opert... it provides plenty of different perspectives on the man's career."

Historic Motor Racing News (UK)

"Having met Opert once in 1977, Hill was sufficiently intrigued to write his hitherto untold life story. Reminiscences from dozens of acolytes, including Fred's former wife, Sherri, are woven into its tapestry as evidence of Hill's research."

Motor Sport Magazine (UK)

"This little book depicts a character described as both 'likeable' and 'aggravating', who has an eye for talent spotting. Many first-had tales add colour."

The British Racing Drivers Club Bulletin

"Author Peter Hill has spoken to many of Fred Opert's family and friends in the course of writing this book, which although small in size is large in content."

Midwest Book Review

"Impressively informative... the extraordinary story of an extraordinary man that will be an enduring appreciated addition to the personal reading lists of dedicated automotive history fans..."

Practical Classics

"This fascinating biography follows the whirlwind lifestyle of a talent spotter... it's a throughly enjoyable read."

"At first sight I doubted whether such a compact book could do justice to Opert's life. But I realised that there is such a wealth of information in this book. Peter Hill is to be congratulated for this work.


"... this entertaining book is full of anecdotes and incidents, some of which are scarcely believable! It can be fairly said that a great number of top drivers have reason to be grateful for Fred Opert for their future success.

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