Order The Fred Opert Story

I have three airfreight copies of The Fred Opert Story left which you can purchase via a PayPal account or by emailing me. The costs are as follows:

The book:                                                               A$ 38       NZ$42        approx US$ 27


Kiwis can buy the book from me then collect it from the Auckland Car Club or have them mail it to you. 


Postage & Packing

Australia:                                                                 A$  6.75

Europe & USA                                                        A$ 21.25       approx US$ 14.75

If you have a Paypal account to can order and transfer money to me using my email address:  peter.r.hill@bigpond.com

OR email me with your postal address and I will provide bank details for payment:


The book should be available through Veloce, the publisher, and normal commercial channels by mid to late August 2020



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