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The Fred Opert Story

Fred Opert was a fascinating motorsport entrepreneur  who lived life to the full. I met him in the mid-seventies when he started his racing partnership with Keke Rosberg. After he died I decided to write his story.

Opert was a successful racer,  race-car importer/dealer, race team owner and F1 team manager, before tragedy caused him to walk away from the sport he loved. My story follows Fred Opert’s whirlwind lifestyle, talent-spotting successes, and the trials and tribulations of managing the ATS F1 team. At least twenty future F1drivers came up through the ranks with Opert. I interviewed many of these and many of the people who worked with him.  


Motoring & Motor Sport

I've been a freelance motoring writer for many years writing for motoring publications in New Zealand, Australia and the USA including: NZ Classic Driver; Historic Motor Racing News; Victory Lane; NZ Hot Rod Magazine; Australian Sports Car World; Lotus & Clubman Notes and The Oily Rag.

Over the last two years I have written a series of articles on Kiwi Engineers/Mechanics for NZ Classic Driver. You can download the Allan McCall story here.



Business & I.T.

I have had numerous articles and blog posts published on business and I.T. topics and have compiled and edited five I.T. related books, including: 'Practical Software Project Estimation' published by McGraw-Hill 



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