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Starlight Café

By Rob Alexander

Starlight Café is a novel by Rob Alexander. Rob has previously had success with a children’s book, Goodnight and Thanks for the Teeth, published by Pan McMillan. His novel is a light-hearted, rollicking tale which is great fun. Rob has assembled an engaging cast of characters whose antics kept me turning the pages, all the time wanting to read just one more chapter.


Starlight Café’s main villains are a fast-food chain and an American tobacco company. Minor villains are a council health inspector and a journalist, both of whom are “on the take.” The good guys are a couple of young blokes, a grandfather, a female graffiti artist and, funnily, a local underworld family. The story is set in North London where the author grew up, which gives his descriptions of the suburban landscape and its people authenticity.

There are plenty of twists and turns, and plenty of laughs as the story winds its way through the book’s four hundred pages. Starlight Café is a well written, well-structured, entertaining book that lifts the spirits and will put a smile on your face.


Starlight Café  is available in hard-copy or a kindle version via Amazon and at good book shops  through book distributor IngramSpark.

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